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NYCIFF Fright Fest Win(s)

November 3rd, 2016|0 Comments

Egomaniacal sent myself, Producer/Actor Michael Dean Dargie and Actor Jennifer MacLean down to the New York City International Film Festival 1st Annual Fright Fest to meet the organizers and show support for our short film […]



LOGLINE: The Vatican dispatches mercenaries-for-hire – “The God Squad” – to a suburban residence to execute a nocturnal menace.

SYNOPSIS: Certain a city is under siege by a “creature of the night” the local Catholic Chapter has sent a squad of slayers to eradicate a centuries-old enemy, Vampire Violet, at the behest of the Vatican. 

Vampire Violet has set up shop in the suburban sanctity of Arkham, Massachusetts, and she’s been slowly sucking her way through the entire town. Little does she know, however, she’s about to come up against The God Squad’s secret weapon –  SUNDOWNERS pathogen, which has been hijacked from The God Squad’s archenemy (and Violet’s benefactor), pharmaceutical titan Cerberus Unlimited. 

2016 YYComedy Film Festival: Official Selection, Finalist, Audience Favourite, Grand Jury Winner
2016 NYCIFF Fright Fest: Official Selection, Finalist, Best Director in a Short Film, Best Guilty Pleasure
2016 Post Mortem Horror & Bizarre Film Festival: Official Selection
2016 Grindhouse Planet Film Festival: Official Selection
2017 Widescreen Film & Music Video Festival: Official Selection, Nominee Best Sound Design


HYDE & SEEK: Television Series (Teaser)


SERIES LOGLINE: The sinister Cerberus corporation pursues Alexandra Jekyll – descendant of the infamous Dr. Henry Jekyll – in efforts to weaponize her formula and sell it on the black market. Little does Cerberus know that Jekyll is in cahoots with the diabolical Grimson Drug Cartel, hatching a scheme which may lead to Armageddon.


SYNOPSIS: On the run following a bloody showdown with Dr. Lovejoy and his Cerberus agents, Alexandra Jekyll declares war on the citizens of Los Angeles and the LAPD. Not only is Jekyll creating a legion of new enemies, she’s also showcasing her wares, upping the family formula price for terrorists and warlords in the global black marketplace.

RACER X: Feature (Trailer)


LOGLINE: A dishonored cop engages in a cross-country chase of a spectre-like biker responsible for the death of her lover and colleague.

SYNOPSIS: While off-duty, Officer Jade Walker inadvertently finds herself embroiled in a high-speed chase of a shadowy biker, “Racer X,” a fiend responsible for killing her lover and fellow officer. Blamed for the collateral damage during the incident, Jade is put on indefinite suspension from the force, a decision that causes her mental health to spiral out of control.

Obsessed with tracking the arcane marauder, Jade takes the law into her own hands, tracking the supernatural assassin as he makes his way across the country, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.

Fixated on revenge, Jade not only initiates a deadly game of cat and mouse with the elusive “Racer X” but she also discovers a menacing conspiracy, which can only lead to one of two things: personal redemption, or nationwide annihilation.


LOGLINE: A serial killer and a squad of police officers are trapped inside a decommissioned military base, while a zombie pandemic, which infects only women, storms through the city of Arkham, Massachusetts.

SYNOPSIS: Serial killer Jimmy Mann, responsible for the deaths of dozens of women in Arkham, Massachusetts,  is now in custody and is finally being transferred from city lockup to the local asylum on Halloween. This changes, of course, when a pack of rabid female zombies – accidentally activated by the shadowy organization “Cerberus” –  attacks the bus, forcing Mann to escape and seek shelter. 

Around this time, rookie police officer Zoe Green is reassigned to work security at an outmoded military base on Halloween. Furthermore, things take another turn for the worse when Zoe discovers she’ll be working with her ex-boyfriend, Patrolman Todd Axelrod. 

Mr. Axelrod was a beacon of infidelity during their relationship. Naturally, this only adds more fuel to the fire when Mr. Mann, with a pack of insatiable “Cerberus” female zombies trailing him, storms onto the compound and takes cover in their office. 

If they’re going to survive the night, not only will Zoe and the cops have to contend with the nefarious plans of Mr. Mann, they’ll have to deal with the female zombie horde.


LOGLINE: An ordinary man is attacked by a primordial creature while on a camping trip. Soon after surviving the siege, he finds he’s inherited superhuman killing abilities.

SYNOPSIS: Jason Cross is a regular dude. He works his IT project management job 9-5; he’s active, into the outdoors, and he’s deeply in love with his girlfriend-soon-to-be-fiancee, Allison. 

While on a weekend camping trip with Allison and his circle of friends,  Allison and Jason’s pals are all savagely murdered by a lethal humanoid monster on a rampage. Mr. Cross, however, manages to survive, and life as he knows it, will never be the same.

It’s not long before Cross finds himself on the run from a shadowy organization named “Cerberus.” This cabal wants to not only capture Mr. Cross, they want to utilize his now-unique skill set for their own corporate gain.

Question is – will Cross form an alliance with the sinister “Cerberus” syndicate, or will he be able to harness his new-found powers and prevent “Cerberus” from shifting the balance of global power?!

GRIMSON: Feature

LOGLINE: In the near future, four strangers at a desolate roadside diner find themselves under siege from an ancient order of assassins. Little do they know one of the diners harbors a sinister secret dating back to the beginning of time.

SYNOPSIS: Former U.S. Marine David Ramirez is suffering a crisis of conscience. He’s lost faith thanks to the untimely death of his beloved wife. With his service complete and his spouse deceased, David decides to move south-of-the-border to start over.

Little does David know he’s about to literally walk back into the line of fire when he stops off at a middle-of-nowhere roadside diner. Burdened with three strangers, David and the others soon find themselves cornered by four deadly killers, each one a descendant of a primeval brotherhood.

Evidently, one of the strangers is not who they appear to be, and not only will David’s values be tested but the fate of the world will hang in the balance.