Egomaniacal sent myself, Producer/Actor Michael Dean Dargie and Actor Jennifer MacLean down to the New York City International Film Festival 1st Annual Fright Fest to meet the organizers and show support for our short film SUNDOWNERS, as well as the festival and their Directors.

New York City is wonderful and rightfully known for the local hospitality, the arts, and of course her amazing people. The NYCIFF Directors were very friendly and complimentary towards our film during the reception, and we remarked how nice that was. At no point did we think we were going to win an award. Let alone two!

It is October 31, 2016 and we’re just finishing off some wine and hors d’oeuvres when we are ushered into the DOLBY SCREENING ROOM; this is the same room where they pre-screen the Oscars. It’s the awards night and they’re showing a couple of films before handing out the awards for the weekend of festivities. Sundowners was first. It looked and sounded perfect, and the audience laughed in exactly the right place—phew!

Fast forward an hour, they are announcing the awards when we hear, “And for BEST DIRECTOR IN A SHORT FILM, Mr. Brian King, for Sundowners.” Needless to say we were gobsmacked. I went down and received Brian’s award on his behalf and let the audience know he would have loved to be there, but was pages deep in our next project. I love you New York.

A few more awards pass when we hear, “And for BEST GUILTY PLEASURE as a vampire in a Garlic Commercial, Ms. Jennifer MacLean.” Needless to say we were both through the roof with this announcement and Jennifer had a smile a mile wide for days.

During the after party we were approached by several people congratulating us, as well as taking the time to praise our team; in particular our Director of Photography Luis Gonzalez at L&C Style Productions!

The following day we awoke to news that Sundowners is now an “Official Selection” at the GRINDHOUSE PLANET FILM FESTIVAL in the United Kingdom! A hearty congratulations to the entire team!